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This weekend we held our Women’s Ministry Christmas Party, at church.  Last year we did a potluck, this year, something a little different, we ordered in Chinese food.  Chinese food demanded red and gold decor, so we did red and gold Christmas decorations with some Asian accents thrown in for fun.

We started with one long table for everyone.  It was layered with simple white cloth table cloths from the dollar store, and red runners.  I love that you can now get real material, rather than just plastic at a super reasonable cost, and they are washable. On top of those, these fabulous white orchids in a beautiful gold container from Home Depot.  I told you a few projects back that I had an idea in mind for my red dog wood twigs.  I removed the little stakes in the plants that help hold up the blooms, and replaced them with these beautiful branches.  I love the red colour.  

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We also included some red votives, and a scattering of gold Christmas balls.  Above the tables, we hung a long rope, and attached red Chinese lanterns at varying heights.  This works really well in a big hall-like room to bring the ceiling down a little and make it feel a little more personalized.

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At each place setting we started with the church’s plain plates.  We had three different favours for the ladies to choose from, there were make-up bags, change purses or little notebooks, all covered in beautiful Chinese fabric.  I picked these up months ago, on a shopping trip to Buffalo, in Target’s $1 bins.  As I always say, plan your theme and shop early, you’ll be amazed at what you can find!  We used simple paper red napkins, but I created a fun napkin ring with Chinese newspaper and some red satin ribbon, and a fun pair of chopsticks. We included one other fun favour.  We purchased inexpensive already prepared fortune cookies.  With new tweezers, one of the ladies removed the fortunes and replaced them with our own custom Christmas message, and a scripture.  They were then packaged in cute plastic bags, and tied with ribbon to coordinate with our colours.  Everyone seem to really enjoy their little take-home favours.

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We decorated the tree with simple red and gold Christmas balls, and used other gold decorations on some of the other tables.  One really simple idea, that could fit with any Christmas colour scheme, was using clear glass vases and filling them with pinecones decorated in glitter in our red and gold colours.

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We started the evening off with some fun Christmas trivia games, and offered the highest scores some simple prizes to choose from.  We had a wonderful dinner of takeout Chinese food.  It really is a great way to do a large group event with no stress!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and the wide variety.  We offered punch to drink, and I wrapped water bottles with some red wrapping paper, and more of the Chinese newspaper. 

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After dinner we had a wonderful word of encouragement as one of the ladies shared the story of her Christian journey with us.  Then we moved on to some beautiful desserts, tea and coffee, and finished with a carol sing.  It was a really fun evening, and seemed to be a really relaxed atmosphere, as we shared simple take-out food, and each others company. 

The idea for this party, actually came from a party I hosted last Christmas.  When I felt a little stressed about hosting family for Christmas Eve, I came up with this idea of dressing up simple take-out food, and I have to say that the whole family really enjoyed it.  It was no more expensive then hosting a holiday meal with roast beef, or turkey, and it was certainly way easier!  I enjoyed decorating with a twist, and making a few really special desserts, without killing myself with shopping for and cooking a big dinner.  When I did this party at home, I was able to use white cloth napkins, a layer of red tissue paper, then the newspaper and raffia, and red chopsticks.  I also used some beautiful red and gold paper cranes, and hung them in the dogwood branches in the orchids.  I love how it turned out.  The store where we purchased the cranes originally didn’t have them anymore, so we didn’t use them for the Women’s Ministry event, but if you had time you could make them yourself.


Another fun centre piece idea I had was putting small potted poinsettia’s in cardboard Chinese take-out containers.  Hope you can think of ways to make your own Christmas events as stress free as possible too.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love it – Christmas with a Chinese twist! Beautifully done.

    (P.S. Food looked delish!)

  2. Beautiful job Dannyelle! It all looks wonderful. I especially love your Christmas eve idea of ordering out. It takes the pressure off but still offers up a lovely and festive evening. You done good!

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