Home Made Halloween Costumes -the Magician and her White Rabbit


I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I don’t like all the gore and celebration of death, but I do love a party. So I’m in for dressing-up, eating candy, and having a goodtime. Let’s just say we get a lot of mileage out of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns around here, and leave some of the other stuff out. So from now until the big night, I’ll be sharing some Halloween inspired ideas. First up, our costumes this year.


Last Christmas my mom bought Paige this cute skirt and tights, and it came with a little top too. She always said it reminded her of a magician, so this Halloween she asked if she could be one for Halloween. Great idea! So, we had the skirt and tights. We bought a little white shirt at the second hand store. The vest is also from the second hand store, look in the little boys section. I found the bow tie and gloves at the dollar store. The hat, maybe the cutest part of the whole outfit, was from the Value Village Halloween section. The cape came from a magician friend, yes we just happen to have a magician friend. And, along with the cape, he set us up with this great beginners magic trick kit and even gave us a lesson -she can do a pretty cool card trick that I’m sure will be a HUGE hit at school on Halloween when they go in their costumes.

magican and bunny halloween costumes 094

You can get a magic kit too, here. Thanks for all your help Dan! As a finishing touch to the costume, we put a little glitter hair spray in her hair -how magical!

Once we knew Paige was going to be a magician we needed to come up with something for Maddie. She’s always pretending she’s an animal, so we had the perfect idea for her to be the magicians white rabbit, coming out of a magic hat.

magican and bunny halloween costumes 085-1

I found this little sweater dress at the second hand store. We already had the bunny years from Easter. I made the little hat she’s coming out of. I started out with the bottom part, it’s a sequins tube top, that I found second hand for $2 -sometimes things just come together. I used black felt to make the brim of the hat and stitched it on by hand, then I just pinned it to the bottom of the sweater dress. She wore some black leggings underneath. We added some whiskers to her face with a little Halloween make-up, and there you have it the cutest little Magician’s bunny ever.


We’re all set for the school Halloween dance-a-thon, and then trick or treating, are you?

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  1. They are sooo adorable….My Bella wants to be an angel..cause she knows I dont like Halloween and the boys don’t even know what they want to be yet…so I’ll have to scramble the day of…it happens every year…:/

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