A Different Kind of Christmas Home Tour

christmas little dolls house 1

I thought it might be fun to share a little different kind of a Christmas Home Tour with you today…a doll house. I received this doll house as a Christmas gift when I was 6 -I think, in 1980. It is one of my best Christmas memories. I loved it. My mom kept it for me, and when I had my own little girls I brought it out for them to play with. Perhaps six is the magic age for loving it, because this year my youngest daughter Maddie is loving it. So, I thought it might be fun for her and I to decorate it for Christmas. She lost interest in the decorating after a little while, and it was quite the fiddly job, but now she can’t wait to play with all -which I promised her she could after a snapped a few pics for the blog.

christmas little dolls house 2

I started with the bedrooms. I added garland to the bed, and armoire, and a little tree.

christmas little dolls house 9

The sweetest detail of the whole project might just be this tiny, tiny paper garland. With a penny in the picture to give you a sense of how small it all is.

christmas little dolls house 10

In the other bedroom, are the mom and dad and the tiny little baby. We added a sweet little tree to their dresser.

christmas little dolls house 13

christmas little dolls house 14

I’m kind of amazed that the baby hasn’t been lost in over 30 years.

christmas little dolls house 7

Up on the roof is the sweet little bathroom.

christmas little dolls house 8

And on the roof terrace -what a fancy house, there is snow and a snowman made by Maddie.

christmas little dolls house 3

Downstairs we added some decorations to the little kitchen.

christmas little dolls house 11

I made a candle for the table out of a birthday cake candle, cut down to size.

christmas little dolls house 6

And that I made a few mini Christmas cards, and hung them over a little treat table.

christmas little dolls house 15

In the living room, we added a Christmas tree and presents. The lights are some trim we found at the fabric store.

christmas little dolls house 16

And of course we had to decorate the fireplace and hang up the stockings -I added a few logs too.

christmas little dolls house 5

The house is all ready for Christmas, wish my real one was too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

christmas little dolls house 4

Doing this little project had me feeling all nostalgic. The “Littles” Doll House was made by Matel in 1980. You bought all the pieces separately. I had most of them. I’m missing a few -any other little girls that grew up in the 80’s have a extra kitchen table, 2 green chairs, and kitchen sink I could barrow? I did find lots for sale on-line and I started thinking I should collect them all, and then never let my girls play with them…bad mommy. What’s the point of toys if not to play with them? The little trip down memory lane did make me feel very blessed for that special Christmas quite a long time ago now, when I received this special gift. I have such sweet memories of my Dad and my Uncle Arthur sitting at the kitchen table and putting the house together for me, while my Mom cooked the turkey. With dear memories like this and at least one house ready for Christmas, life really is a party!

ps. I’ll have my real house tour for you on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

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