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chcolate party dessert table 2

One of the highlights of the Chocolate Party we had for my daughter’s sixth birthday was, for sure, the amazing Chocolate Dessert Table. In fact this is what might have sealed the theme for Maddie. I’m actually not the biggest chocolate fan, but I pulled out all my favourite chocolate recipes for this one. Here’s what we had; brownies, chocolate coconut cookies, toffee and chocolate chip cookies, a beautiful triple chocolate mousse cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate donuts, chocolate fondue, and few favourite chocolates -turtles, and chocolate covered almonds. I only ended up making a few of the treats myself, so here’s all my secrets to an impressive, but not too tricky chocolate dessert table.

chcolate party dessert table 1

I made the toffee and chocolate chip cookies from one of our favourite family recipes, I’ll have to share it soon here on the blog. 😉 I also made chocolate coconut cookies, see the recipe here . Both recipes are pretty quick and easy, make a fairly large batch, and are tried and true.

chcolate party dessert table 5

I made the yummy chocolate pudding from a box, and served it in mini mason jars, with sweet little silver teaspoons.

chcolate party dessert table 4

The brownies are also from a mix (shhh, can’t believe I’m confessing here). I made them even sweeter with little brown flags made from cute toothpicks and a little washi tape for flags. So simple and so cute.

chcolate party dessert table 3

We picked up the donuts the morning of the party. I asked Maddie what kind of chocolate donuts she wanted, and listed them all off. She said, “why not all them Mom?” Why not? So we got a few of each. I made little pom poms from some of the fringed streamers and tied them with a little brown baker’s twine on to a white toothpick. Love the little details, and they were supper easy. Maddie asked specifically for a birthday cake, since we usually have cupcakes. I didn’t have an amazing chocolate cake recipe, so I decided to order a little one from our favourite local bakery. Great decision. It was delicious, and made the baking load for this party really manageable.

chcolate party dessert table 6

We also had a few of our favourite chocolates on the dessert table -turtles, and chocolate covered almonds.

I used a lot of glass dessert plates and serving pieces and wanted to add in a little more rustic and vintage feel, so I used a few little wooden boxes, a scramble tile “Madeline”, my chocolate flowers and pussy willows, an antique scale and some of the birthday party invitation chocolate bars -more on those soon. Love how these little touches, made it all feel a little more relaxed and fun.

chcolate party dessert table 8

I did want to have a bit of fruit available, so I did a chocolate fondue and fruit tray. I served the fondue in the kitchen, not on the dessert table, to make it a little easier for everyone,. I also used some plastic lined little paper cups, sometimes used for candy, so the kids could have there own little container of fondue. (Ever shared a fondue with little ones, here’s a great solution for the double dippers.)

During dessert my husband made everyone chocolate shakes, which we served with stripy paper straws. We also had mini water bottles (love this size for kid’s parties). The chocolate party was a great theme, and made for a truly “sweet” party!

chcolate party dessert table 7

With a Chocolate Dessert Table like this to celebrate a special birthday, life really is a party! Happy Birthday Maddie!

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