Fajita Night

I am having a truly wonderful summer, two weeks in. I love having my girls home for the summer. We’ve been busy with playing, reading, gardening, play dates, swimming and VBS so far, so excuse my absence. I do have lots of summer projects on the go, but I’m taking my time, and as is often the case, they haven’t all worked out on the first go, so some of them are being re-done, re-worked, and re-vamped. Today I wanted to share an impromptu fajita party at our house last night.

fajita night 1

We had swimming in the morning, a trip to IKEA for lunch and a little shopping, and when we got home in the afternoon we watched the end of a family movie together. Blessed life for sure. In late afternoon it was time to make a start on dinner. One of my girls had wanted to try avocado, so I bought a couple last week, and it was time they were used up. We planned on a little guacamole, something I love at a restaurant but never make at home.

fajita night 4

I had soaked some beans overnight and put them in the slow cooker in the morning for baked beans. I wanted to attempt homemade flour tortillas…again. I made them once before and they were ok, but not great. We love visiting the Lone Star and having their flour tortillas. The version I tried yesterday was pretty close to theirs, I just might need to get mine a little thinner next time, but they were definitely yummy and way, way better than store-bought. Thanks Homesick Texan Blog, for a great recipe.

fajita night 2

fajita night 3

fajita night 5

All this cooking, with one little helper, made the other helper want in on the action too, so she set the table. I love how it turned dinner into a party.

fajita night 6

She did a great job, and I loved the flowers she chose for her Mexican inspired, colourful tablescape.

fajita night 7

The beans were so, so good that they deserve their own post.

fajita night 8

As we always say around here, life is what we make it, so we may as well make it a party, and that’s exactly what we’re doing too. Wishing you some sweet summer afternoons, of cooking new recipes, listening to Van Morrison and your kids working on a colour scheme for the table to their absolute delight.

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  1. Liz @ Infuse With Liz says:

    Love it- how fun! The food looks so good! Family times like these can’t be beat!

  2. So festive! And everything looks delicious!! I love all the color… 🙂

  3. Sandra Garth says:

    I think I want to be invited to Fajita night next time! I’ll bring a couple of desserts!

  4. I love fajita’s! I never made any until I moved to Texas! Sounds like a fun night and the food looks wonderful!
    Blessings My Friend,

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