Acting Your Age Is Overrated!


Yesterday my friend Connie’s Mom celebrated her 50th Birthday, and her daughters helped throw her an amazing party!  The party was held at a local restaurant with yellow decor, so Connie took her cue from there and went with yellow decor for the party, with a little rainbow thrown in to suit her mom’s personality.  Connie made a beautiful birthday banner, with scrapbook letters, and a tissue paper enhanced 50.


Deb is a rocker chick, and in several bands, so the party room had instruments set up so Deb and all her musical friends had a chance to jam throughout the night.  The musical theme was extended to the cake, which was an amazing cake piano. 

DSC01138 DSC01101

The centre pieces were beautiful vases with yellow mums floating in them.  Connie also enhanced some simple votive holders in a similar shape to the vases, with ribbons, and yellow scrapbooking flowers.

DSC01115 DSC01114

Guests were also invited to leave a loving message for the birthday girl, that was later made into a keepsake book.  Tags were provided, and could be hung on the tree. 


DSC01112 image 

Deb likes to clown around on the weekends, as a part time clown at children’s birthday parties.  Her daughters incorporated her playful personality by including fun loot bags for the guests.  The bags contained temporary tattoos and instructions and balloons for simple balloon animals.  The loot was in a clear cellophane bag, with a custom label of the birthday girl looking her best!


Beside the loot bag basket, was an amazing candy buffet! 


DSC01105 image

Throughout the night, guests could also come up to a photo booth;  a camera on a tripod, with a great collection of props.  The props included wigs, hats, funny glasses, moustaches, a smile, and vampire teeth on a stick, and a couple empty wooden frames.



Everyone had an amazing night celebrating the life of an amazing woman.  Happy Birthday Deb, and great job girls!

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  1. The party favours by Connie were amazing! I was so shocked and almost couldn’t believe it… it was so much to take in. She superceded any envisions I had from all the secret planning! Well done and this blog on my 50th event just put the icing on the cake! Thanks Danielle! Love deb xo

  2. Aw-sum bash, aw-sum rockin’
    And this extra tribute to Deb is fantastic – great job Nicki, Connie and everyone!
    Deb’s friend says, “slainte mhath”

  3. You own a very interesting blog covering lots of topics I am interested as well.Just bookmarked your blog so I can read more in the future… Please continue your brilliant work

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