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dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 070

I’m excited about a new regular feature here called “Dollar Store DIY”  where I go to the dollar store and find something to make-over into something even greater.  I love the Dollar Store, in fact my husband jokes with me that I should own shares in it!  I am frugal by nature, and love a bargain.  The Dollar Store has come a long way in the last few years, and I buy tons of craft and party supplies there.  I love going in with the feeling that I can have anything I want in the whole store.  I know some people lament that Dollarama has increased from strictly one dollar items, to now include $1.25,  $1.50, and $2.00 items, but I think it’s really increased their selection.  You know you have a Dollar Store addiction when you go to the US for a little cross border shopping and you’re most excited about visiting their Dollar Stores, and Target’s one dollar section!

Let the fun begin.  The first item I bought for some DIY was a re-usable bag.  I have been carrying my books and supplies to my mom’s group lately in a re-useable grocery bag –okay but nothing special.  When I saw this cute burlap one, for $2 at Dollarama, I saw the opportunity for a cute and easy project.  It already looked pretty great, but with the flower pin attached, it’s even greater! 

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 006

I was inspired by Jen at Tatertots and Jello, one of my favourite blogs, and her flower creations.  I really liked the idea of making them into a pin, so you could remove it and wear it with something else, or make several in different colours and change the look of the bag. 

I made my flowers out of old wool felted sweaters.  I love working with them, and since we are heading into winter, I think they seem a little more seasonal than the cotton flowers.

I decided to work with turquoise.  I had a striped one, which meant I could work with two colours from the same sweater.  The first flower I made was from the edge of the sleeve.  I simply rolled it to form a flower and put a few stitches in it to hold it.

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 048 dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 049 dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 053

The larger flowers are made my starting out with a circle, and cutting it into a spiral.

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 054

Then you simply roll it into a flower shape, and secure it with a few stitches from the back.

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 056

I made two flowers this way, one light blue, and one striped, and then put it with the smaller flower.  I also added three loops of some cotton ribbon.  I glue gunned all of these to a smaller piece of the felted wool to create a back, and stitched on a pin to create the flower brooch. 

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 058 dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 064

This is the finished pin.

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 059

And here is the completed bag, all dressed up and ready to go!

dollarstore decor bag and candy garland 070

The bag cost $2, I already had the pins, and the sweater, which were from the thrift store, so it was a great Dollar Store DIY for $2.

This post is linked to Under the Table and Dreaming, Funky Junk Interiors and Tatertots and Jello.  I also entered the Iron Crafter at Fireflies and Jellybeans, check out all their neat recycled sweater crafts.

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  1. Your bag is so pretty! I love the flowers – they add just the right touch. 🙂 Great job!

    ~stopping by from Sunday Showcase. 😉

  2. Hey Danyelle, Love the flowers on the bag, thanks for the tutorial. I’m going to have to try that, very economical. Come and visit my blog, you could be my first friend!

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