Family Movie Night

road rally movie night 001

When you have very sensitive kids, you don’t have a lot of family movie nights.  Around here even Disney Princess movies are on the “too scary” list.  Every once in a while, the Disney Chanel has a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie preview before the movie is released to DVD.  Last night The Road Rally was on, and we turned it into an event.

road rally movie night 003  road rally movie night 004

The movie is about a road rally where everyone rides something, and it turns into an adventure.  I decided to make a simple table runner with black construction paper and a the yellow line drawn on with a yellow crayon.  It couldn’t have been simpler.  We also made some mini ones as napkin rings.  We added a munch of toy cars, and any other modes of transportation we could think of, down the centre of our table.  We added some Mickey Mouse stickers to our napkins, and also dug out the Mickey Mouse straws we brought home from Disney World.

road rally movie night 002

I also printed out some fun activity sheets from the movie that I found at the Play House Disney website.


We were having homemade pizza, so we tried to make our pizzas look like wheels to fit our road rally theme.

road rally movie night 007 road rally movie night 009

After dinner we moved into the living room to watch the movie with some hot buttered popcorn for dessert.  Everyone enjoyed the new movie, and I especially loved being able to do a “special occasion” party for my kids.  Sometimes, life is a party.

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  1. Leanne Evans says:

    What is amazing to me is not that you can throw these parties but that Heather can too! I’m glad you found each other – l

  2. Shaunie cakes says:

    Love the pictures, the lay out, the food the…..Great thing you have going here. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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