Gone Fishing!

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Yesterday was my cousins wedding and they had a fishing theme, since the groom is a real fisherman.

The ceremony was decorated with the brides favourite colour, purple.  The Hydrangeas at the entrance to the church were my favourite, so simple and beautiful in their white urn.  Cedar was used in keeping with the woodland feel of a fishing trip.

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There were lots of cute details for the reception.  The bride used  bulrushes to help decorate, and the gifts were placed in a canoe!  The card basket was a fishing basket, decorated with cute tin fish.

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The wedding cake was toped with a fishing groom and surrounded by candy fish, so whimsical.

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The theme was carried into the centre pieces too.  They were a beautiful blue lantern, and a rustic piece of wood bark holding a beautiful flower arrangement.  Tucked into the flowers was another cute miniature fishing rod, with a ring tied to the end to echo the detail of the wedding cake.

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The favors for everyone where two homemade sugar cookies, shaped like fish, yum!  The head table had several of the same beautiful blue lanterns on it, and simple cedar garland with whimsical dragon fly lights in it, found and bought by the groom and reminiscent of his fly fishing lures.

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The head tables were also decorated with the girls bouquets.  My very favourite was the brides.  My sister, the owner of La Petite Fleur made it and even used sweet pea blooms from our mom’s garden, picked that morning they were so fragrant!

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One of the cutest details, I thought, was the couples first song, You and Me Goin’ Fishing in the Dark, it was the perfect choice.  Congratulations Steve and Jess!

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