Letter Day!

Today was brought to you by the letter “P” and the letter “M”!  We registered for the summer reading program at our local library, and this week is “Know Your Letters” week.  One of the suggested at home activities was to have a letter day and do things, eat things and say things that start with that letter.  We chose “P” for Paige, and “M” for Maddie.

alphebet day 006alphebet day 006

When we got home we made letter decorations for our special letter dinner.  We also used some alphabet pasta to create “M” and “P” words by gluing them on construction paper.  At least that was the idea.  Maddie, who is 3, was more interested in random glue and paste 🙂

The highlight of letter day was our special letter dinner.  We had a great time planning our menu and looking around the grocery store for foods that began with our letters.  Paige is 5 and just learning to read, so this activity was right up her alley.  For “P” we had pizza, papaya and peaches.

alphebet day 013 alphebet day 034

alphebet day 020

For “M” we had macaroni with mushrooms and meatballs, chocolate mousse, muffins, and mangoes.

alphebet day 012 alphebet day 009

alphebet day 014 alphebet day 015

It was MARVELOUS, we kept saying “MMMmmmm”.  A good time was had by all!

alphebet day 030 alphebet day 027

The girls both drew a picture about our letter day in their reading club journals, and took them to the library to show the librarian and get their weekly stamp, and of course some new books!

alphebet day

I think a letter day is a great no special occasion party, try it!

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