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birthday cake 043

Maddie felt it was very important that Mommy have a birthday cake.  Although Dad was bringing one home, she felt it wasn’t really a birthday cake unless it was homemade.  So, she took matters into her own little hands.  She went to her supply of cake mixes and got to work!  We purchased a set of great kids baking mixes from Sears, check it out here.  Maddie selected a vanilla cake and vanilla icing.

birthday cake 001

Maddie put her mix into a bowl, added milk as directed, and stirred the lumps out.

birthday cake 007 birthday cake 009

Next, she put it into her heart shaped mini baking pan, and baked at 350 for 10 min. 

Tip:  Instead of using a toy easy-bake oven, which never seems to bake very well, use your toaster oven.  It still looks mini and toy-like, but cooks evenly.  Of course it gets hot so Mom or Dad’s help is needed.

birthday cake 012  birthday cake 013

While it was  baking, Maddie helped clean up.

birthday cake 014

After baking and letting it cool it was time to make the icing and decorate!  Maddie used vanilla icing and fresh berries, since Mommy’s not so keen on the sprinkles 😉

birthday cake 019 birthday cake 024

Here is the beautiful cake and the beautiful baker!

birthday cake 029

Then, we got set up for the party, which I was informed can not begin until big sister and Daddy get home. 

birthday cake 046

birthday cake 044

Life truly is a party, when you’re blessed with a thoughtful little baker like this!

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