Teacup Birdbath

teacup bird bath 014

A little while ago, I tried my hand at making teacup birdbaths.  They looked really cute, but unfortunately the glue didn’t hold :(  I used epoxy in the first round, but after some more research attempted it again with Gorilla Glue.  First step was removing the old glue, and getting everything ready to go.  The teacups are from the thrift store, I also used a nut and a metal threaded rod.

teacup bird bath 002

After applying the glue, it needed to be clamped for 1-2 hours drying time.  I improvised with some heavy cookbooks weighing them down.

teacup bird bath 009

After they dried it was time to attach them to the threaded rods.

teacup bird bath 012

Then it was time to insert them in the flower bed, fill with water and wait for the birds…or just let them look cute!

teacup bird bath 018

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  1. Adorable! What whimsy this adds to a garden, I’m doing this. I have a whole bunch of tea cups my mom gave me that I have NO idea what to do with but I didn’t want to just throw them away. I’ll have to get some of this gorilla glue I keep hearing about. Thanks for the idea!

    Here from NFF (or saturday but whateves)

  2. Love this idea! very cute! You have some great ideas!!!

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