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This year I made my little girls an Advent Activity Calendar. Starting December 1, we’ll open a bag everyday that has a fun Christmas activity in it to do together that day. When most of us think back to special memories growing up, it’s not the stuff our parents bought us we remember, it’s the special things we did together as a family. I’m hoping that doing this calendar together will create some special family memories for us.

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Some of the activities are really simple, some are more involved. I’ve come up with over 60 different activities so there should be something to fit every budget and every schedule, from “Let’s drink hot chocolate with marshmallows”, to “Let’s have a “Red and Green” dinner with only red and green food”.

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I had the opportunity to do this activity over the last month with three different moms and tots groups. We had lots of fun embellishing the little bags with all sorts of fun scrapbook papers, stamps, tags, ribbons and embellishments.

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I told them all, it’s not meant to be just one more thing on mom’s busy Christmas to do list. I printed a blank calendar for everyone, find one here, and encouraged the moms to think about things that they will be doing anyway this time of year, and incorporate it into the advent activity calendar on the appropriate day. I also encouraged them to consider what nights are really busy at their house -like swimming and music lesson night-and choose something really simple that night. By the same token, consider a bigger project for the weekend when you have more time -like Christmas baking for example. If you record when you’re doing what on the printable calendar (and hide if from your kids!) you can always shift things around a little if you have to. 😉 This is meant to be something fun that creates special family time and builds memories. Remember also, you can always replace a few activities with something simple like a chocolate treat if you need to.

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Here’s the link to the Advent Activities I created -all 66 suggestions! Just choose your favourite 24, clip out the little boxes and create your own personalized Advent Activity Calendar.

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When I made my calendar for my kids, my colour scheme was pink and green to match my kitchen Christmas decor. I spray painted some simple wooden clothes pins bright pink to match, and used them to attach the bags to a garland.

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I love how it turned out, it looks like a Christmas decoration, and my kids can’t wait to get started! Let the count down begin, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Arrgh! It’s so cute and such a great idea – I might have to do it!
    Any ideas for substitutes for the little paper bags?

  2. Envelopes would work well too.

  3. winnibriggshouse says:

    Hi Dannyelle
    Just replying to your comment re the ornament swap and thought I’d take another peek at your blog to see if I was on the right track with yours. Phew! at least I have something right, just hope you like it. Love your advent calendar idea, will have to show my daughter your blog. She will be interested in a few of your ideas for her boys!
    Now just spotted the scourer wreath…what a top idea, may be borrowing that too, thanks for sharing and hope to hear from you soon.
    Jenny x

  4. Super cute and creative DIY Christmas project!!

  5. Cherie Durbin says:

    What a cute idea! Thank you.

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