Birthday Party Sneak Peek

I know most mom’s probably have a sigh of relief when their kids want a birthday party at somewhere other than home. But, when Maddie said she wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for her birthday, I felt a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to plan a party for her full of wonderful handmade details. I had to add a little something to the water slides, kids spa, and craft room fun which they’d be providing, but I wasn’t sure just what?

Here’s a little sneak peak of what I came up with.


On a recent trip to IKEA I found these great “Drommer” cookie cutters. If you’ve never been to Great Wolf Lodge, it’s decorated with lodge decor, and has a group of mechanical animals in the lobby that talk and do a little bed-time story for the kids. Among them is a moose, a bear, a racoon, and some squirrels; typical Canadian wildlife. I think these cookie cutters will be perfect. Can’t wait for the party, and can’t wait to show you some of the fun little extras I came up with!

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