Campfire Paninis

Haliburton Vacation 020

I spent a great weekend with my sister and her family camping. You know how foodies are, we try and find a way to make even campfire cooking gourmet! We planned a simple lunch of sandwiches for lunch on Saturday, then we came up with this amazing idea -how about campfire paninis. We made a beautiful sandwich of sliced pork, marble cheese, onion and spicy mustard on a soft Kaiser roll. We drizzled it with a little olive oil, on both sides.

Haliburton Vacation 013

Then, we wrapped a nice flat rock in a little tin foil.

Haliburton Vacation 006

Grill for a few min. on each side until golden, with the rock on top to weight it.

Haliburton Vacation 016

Perfection! You need to try this idea! How about spicy salami, goat’s cheese, pesto, and roasted red pepper -my personal favourite combo.

Haliburton Vacation 018

Campfire Pains + awesome company = a party! (and you know how we love a party)

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  1. Wow, you can even make campfire cooking look good!

  2. this looks good – I think if we do our camping trip again next year we will have to try this and add a bit more creativity to our meals. (:

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