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I was raised by campers, but then I married a non-camper. He’s made up for it by taking me on vacations where you stay in a nice hotel -so I can’t complain. But, this summer, we’ve actually been camping! This is already our third time out, and we’re considering actually investing in a tent next (thanks to the family and friends that have helped us out with loaners up until now). Last week my husband had to work, but 3 other moms, and all 8 of our kids headed out for a couple nights of tenting at Coburg Beach, a great beach about an hour away.  Here’s just a few of our crew, waiting to head back to the beach.

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One of the other moms, my friend Kendra, had this great camping box, and I thought you all might like this idea too.

It’s a tackle box, and kitted out with everything you need in your camping kitchen!

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Inside are all the treasures. One of the coolest little things, is old film canisters, turned into spice holders. The salt and pepper are also film canisters, with special lids.

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She also had some sugar and cinnamon.

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There was camping cutlery, as well as a mini wisk, and some serving pieces, and a measuring spoon and 1/4 cup.

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There was also some dish soap, restaurant sugars, and moist towelets, a mini sewing kit, bullion cubes, twist ties, candles, matches and bag clips.

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What a great idea. Any restaurant take-out items, like mustard, relish and ketchup, or peanut butter, jam, or honey small packages would also be good. Or maybe some tea bags, or a film canister of instant coffee, and coffee whitener. And for the spice lover, how about a mini bottle of Tabasco sauce and some red chilli flakes! Anything non-perishable and small that your family likes could be added!

Thanks for the great idea Kendra (and Greg!). Life is a party, even when you’re camping if you pack a little sugar and spice!

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