Chocolate Spa Night

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This weekend our Women’s ministry group at church hosted a Chocolate Spa night. It was a great night and I’d highly recommend this theme for a shower, girls night out, or birthday party idea -it was just a lot of fun.

Every chocolate party needs first of all chocolate and lots of it! We had chocolate decor, chocolate scented candles, and of course lots of actual chocolate too! The decor was simple brown and white, and turned out really well. We used white table cloths and layered brown tulle on top. We also had lots of chocolate candles, which made the room smell wonderful when you walked in.

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We always have to do these events on a very limited budget, but it’s great what you can find at the dollar store these days! We have neutral pieces, like these clear glass candle holders that we can dress for any theme with a little ribbon and different coloured candles, and our plain white table cloths dressed up with the inexpensive brown tulle.

I also used some pussy willows, I love their natural brown and white colour, in a milk glass vase.

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I used my milk glass collection for the chocolate buffet also, along with lots of chocolate treats, to create a fun candy buffet.

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To add a fun detail we created a simple banner and hung it over the food table that said “A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine.

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We also created some really fun pics to put in the food with some other funny chocolate says on them, and embellished them with a few brown sequins.

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We served up lots of chocolate desserts. There was a delicious chocolate cake.

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The highlight might have been the chocolate fountain, a must for any chocolate party. 😉

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There were also chocolate chip cookies, brownies and home made fudge!

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I made my chocolate trifle, get the recipe here, and there was also this amazing chocolate tart.

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Along with lots of eating, there were some chocolate spa activities. We started out with giving a partner a hand massage with chocolate scented hand lotion. Then we did each others nails with chocolate inspired nail polish.

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The final chocolate activity was making a take-home chocolate sugar scrub. I set up all the ingredients, and everyone made their own.

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I found the recipe here, and reduced the amounts to fit in these sweet little jars.

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We started out mixing together:

  • 1/4 cup of Demerara Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. of Cocoa Powder
  • 1 tbsp. of Oatmeal Powder (which is oatmeal ground into a powder in your food processor)
  • 1 tabs. of Honey
  • 1 tabs. of Olive Oil

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight jar. To use, wet skin, use scrub to exfoliate, and rinse with warm water.

chocolate spa 029

It was a wonderful, chocolate filled night. At a chocolate spa, life truly is a party!


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  1. Sabrina says:

    WOW! You’ve covered everything in chocolate! LOL
    Must have been a great night, especially with all of those yummy treats! The displays are beautiful! Love your milk glass collection! I might just start my own if I can find that style of glass.
    Thanks for the chocolate scrub recipe.

  2. Thanks Sabrina,
    You should be able to find lots of milk glass at the second hand store, and it’s inexpensive too. Good luck!

  3. What size (oz) are the jars? I want to buy the right size. Thanks!

  4. Hi Carrie, I used spice jars from the dollar store, don’t know the exact size. There is a link to the original recipe in the post, I just modified it to fit these little jars, so you could use any size jar really and modify the original recipe to fit like I did. Best of luck!

  5. I’m planning a chocolate themed evening for our church’s women’s group. I have to do it without funding. You have some wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. Barbara Brooks

  6. Lola Brown says:

    I am proud that there’s a such thing as a chocolate spa awesome.

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