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The days are short and dark and cold here right now, and it makes one long for comfort food. On Sunday I made a roast beef dinner. On Monday we had leftovers, and it was still delicious. I often, almost always in fact, cook once and eat twice. That is, make enough one night for dinner the next night too. But, the roast still wasn’t eaten up yet after day two. I decided to make roast beef sandwiches for us, and they looked so good, I wanted to share them with you.

I caramelized two medium onions in a frying pan, and then added in some sliced mushrooms. It looked so yummy, I don’t think that anything that started out with this combo could be bad 😉 .

Next, I sliced up my left over roast beef, and laid it out on a nice fresh loaf of French bread, that I’d split down the middle and laid out on a cookie sheet. They were going to be regular sandwiches, but I had so much roast beef, that they turned into open face sandwiches. I popped them into the oven to re-heat the meat for a few mins. Then I added my onions and mushrooms.

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I topped them with cheese; some with Swiss cheese, and the rest with Provolone. Then, back in the oven to melt the cheese.

roast beef sandwich 009

There they are in all their lovely cheesy, mushroomy goodness!

I was almost out of gravy from the two previous nights, so I confess I bought a can. It was actually pretty good. I served the sandwiches with some easy oven fries, and salad (to try and redeem the meal somewhat).

roast beef sandwich 013

What a yummy dinner of leftovers! So go ahead, make a roast beef dinner this week, and turn the leftovers into cheesy, mushroomy goodness!

With a dinner like this, life really is a party!

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  1. You’ve plated this perfectly! Great idea and so srumptious! I can taste them now!

  2. Ok, now how about one for the veg people you love? How about that amazing veggie sandwich you used to make for us – fresh basil and all!

  3. What a yummy and creative way to stretch a roast into 3 meals!

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