Fall Get-Together -Part II “The Activity -Felted Sweater Flowers”

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We had a great time at our Fall Women’s Ministry Event last Friday, I shared the food and decor here yesterday, and today here’s the activity we did. After a word of encouragement, and some great food, we love to do something creative together, something that we might not ever get around to at home where there seems like there is never enough time or space or energy left for lots of women to do something they like to do. This was their night! We supplied the inspiration, the materials, and did the clean up!

We decided to make felted sweater flowers and use them as hair bands, pins, and hair clips. We started out with wool sweaters of various colours, and felted them ahead of time. I found them at second hand stores, just remember they have to be all wool, angora or cashmere, in order to felt. To turn them from sweaters into felt you simply wash the a couple times on hot, and throw them in a hot dryer.

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We laid out the sweaters in a rainbow pattern from orange to white -I loved all the great colours we had to work with. After I demonstrated a few of the simple techniques to make the flowers the girls got creating with all the great materials. In addition to the felted sweaters, we had lots of fun embellishments, like buttons, beads, ribbons and tulle. If you’d like to know how to make them see my tutorial here.

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The ladies had a great time creating some beautiful flowers, here’s just a sampling of their amazing creations.

fall women's ministry event 034

This was a really fun activity to do together, and I’d recommend it for any ladies get-together. The pins turned out great, and they weren’t too hard for anyone to create. We made sure we brought in some glue guns for those who really didn’t want to sew. I shared a bib necklace I made for inspiration that showed several different types of flowers together.

felted sweater flower necklace 004

I used a necklace from the dollar store as the chain, and made it to hang asymmetrically. The centre of the large flower is actually a ring, also from the dollar store, that I was able to cut apart and use. I love how it looks like a vintage pin, but only cost $2, which is even less than buying fancy buttons.

fall women's ministry event 002

felted sweater flower necklace 006

Making these fun accessories together was a great “girls night”, and I’m sure you and your girlfriends would love it too! The night out with no kids, great food, encouragement and the chance to be creative -now that’s when life really is a party!

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