Flowers and Bento Goodies!

I’m very excited about my new bento supplies. I’ve been surprised that it’s pretty difficult to find bento supplies, even in a multi-cultural city like Toronto. I have found some fun stuff on-line, but they don’t ship to Canada. Luckily I’ve got friends in high places… well at least in the US, who are willing to act as shipping and receiving for me. 😉 So here’s what I got:

flower lunch and new bento supplies 005

My favourite is probably these toothpicks, that change food into umbrellas, balloons, rings, and flowers.

flower lunch and new bento supplies 006

And here’s how I used some of the new loot today, in a flower themed Muffin Tin Meal.

flower lunch and new bento supplies 017

We had flowers made of bananas, with the blueberry centre held in place with a little piece of spaghetti (great idea I learned from another blogger, it works just like a toothpick, but isn’t harmful if ingested). Don’t you just love the flower stem and leaves tooth pick?

flower lunch and new bento supplies 018

I also made a few tiny carrot flowers. We also had some left-over mac and cheese. For dessert, a scoop of ice-cream with some sprinkles on the side in one of our new silicone flower cups.

It’s fun to sometimes make meal times a little more special, because life really is a party, if you make it one!

This post is linked up at Muffin Tin Mom, where you’ll be inspired by lots of other amazing Muffin Tin Meals.

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  1. I am so going to be using spaghetti as a pick! What a great idea! I love your lunch!

  2. What a great idea to use spaghetti. Those flowers are just too cute. Looks like a great lunch.

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  3. I love all the new muffin tin monday goodies. The banana flowers are so cute too!

  4. I LOVE the banana flowers – definitely going to use that idea (although I don’t have those picks, so I’ll have to think of something edible for the stems). Love the looks of all your new bento gear, too – how exciting!

  5. cute!!! that just made me smile!!!!

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