Garden Bench and the White Garden

garden bench and garden 051

I’ve always wanted one of these antique garden benches. This year at the Christie Antique show, I kept looking for one in my price range. There were lots of beautiful ones, but nothing cheap enough, cute enough, or in the right colour. I did find some other great things there, but the more benches we looked at, the more my girl friend Allana and I thought we could make one for less. We were contemplating colours and designs, and snapping up pictures to copy. On the way home from the antique show, we spotted a little dealer, just outside of town, and stopped in for one last look. We struck gold. There was a little un-finished bench, and I got it for, I think $35. Allana and I figured we couldn’t buy the wood for that, and I went for it. All that was needed was a coat of paint, in any colour I wanted. It wasn’t old, just a repro. Great I thought, then there’s no guilt around leaving it out in the rain in the garden!

Here it is, before I painted it.

mtm and bench makeover 012

I started out with a couple of coats of white exterior stain. And I was tempted to leave it like this.

mtm and bench makeover 014

But, I always have to guild the lily. So, I’d seen on HGTV shows in the past, that to create a slightly rustic look, you can run a candle along the edges of your piece before you apply your top coat. The wax keeps the top coat from sticking well, and makes it easy to sand off on the edges to create a rustic look. I tried it, and it worked really well.

garden bench and garden 010

I put the finished, pink bench along the side of the deck. It has a cute little enamel ware teapot, that I got that day at the Antique fair, and it’s holding a simple pink geranium. It sits along side the muskoka chair, acting as a side table, or extra seating.

garden bench and garden 012

Looking down from the new bench, you can see my White Garden, between the pergola and the house. It’s my favourite garden, and although I think it looks better in early summer, it’s got some beautiful things blooming right now too.

garden bench and garden 021

garden bench and garden 026

The perennial sweet peas are flowering, although they look a little pink. There are a few pink and purple imposters in the white garden, a few that will be moved in the fall, but the sweet peas will stay, they’re almost white. 😉 The yellow extension cord is a temporary fix for my new fountain. I can’t resist showing you a picture of it, in a new little garden. It makes a wonderful noise, and pretty view from the deck, seeing it in front of the forest behind.

garden bench and garden 016

garden bench and garden 043

Back to the white garden, with a view from the house. You can see my flagstone path I created, and the intersecting one is pea gravel. I love the grey and pink colours it adds. Of course the table has a huge water toy set up on it, life with little children! But I know how quickly it passes, so I don’t mind having their toys scattered about these days.

garden bench and garden 033

The pergola is of course my very favourite part of the backyard. My amazing brother-in-law, Shaun built it for me, and we had the interlock done. I added the path ways and plants. Although we have a small, pie-shaped backyard, with our neighbours very near, I love the forest behind and the gardens we’ve been about to create. Here’s the view from our upstairs bedroom window. You can see the paths, and the courtyard effect the fence, house and deck create.

white garden 002

The main path leads to the back garden gate.

white garden 005

This little bell like clematis is doing well beside the fence, at the end of the other path.

garden bench and garden 031

white garden 010

And the cone flowers are beautiful.

garden bench and garden 028

My creamy coloured marigolds are so pretty beside a sweet little birdbath.

garden bench and garden 024

It’s amazing how many white flowers there are when you start looking. My mom and I, who started a white garden at the same time as I did, have a great time hunting and exchanging plants and ideas. Have a peek at her white garden here. And although it’s hard to be restrained and only use white, I absolutely love the effect it creates. This was just a little patch of yard, that was seldom used since it sloped down to the fence, and seemed kind of separate from the rest of the yard. Here was the only before picture I could find.


Just some grass and a tree. Now it’s one of my favourite places.

garden bench and garden 021

I hope you’re enjoying your garden this summer too.

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  1. Beautiful garden! I have a similar bench that my grandfather made…maybe I should paint it. Your garden looks like such a relaxing space!

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