Glitter Skates

glitter skates 031

Aren’t these glitter skates sweet, and you could leave them out as a decoration all winter, but they are really cute for Christmas too. I found some little white leather ice skates at a second hand store. The smaller they are, the cuter they are. Then I painted them with good old white glue, and glittered them with Martha’s glitter.

diy glitter ice skates 008 glitter skates 002

I gave them a quick spray of varnish to protect the glitter, but I think it made them less glittery so I added another coat of glue, and re-glittered them, so I’d say if you’re going to do some, skip the varnish step. 😉

glitter skates 021

I love how magical they look. I was tempted to do the glitter in silver or even pink, but decided that by doing them in white, I’d be able to change the ribbons I used as laces and have them match any future colour scheme. I went with silver ribbons this year, to match my amazing pot scrubber wreath, but I think they’d look great with red, or turquoise ribbon laces another year.

diy glitter ice skates 010 1

I hung them outside my door on a little chair to welcome Christmas visitors.

diy glitter ice skates 014 1

Merry Christmas!

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