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It must be the teacher in me, but I like using a small reward system with my girls. I’ve tried a couple different charts, but find that it’s a lot of work for me to maintain the constant checking. I really like the “Kindness Coins” because they don’t require constant monitoring. At our house, if I catch you being kind, you get a coin in your bucket!

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You can cash in your coins for special activities. In reality, I would be doing the activities anyway, but I like the way that this is a visual reminder that kind deeds will be rewarded with fun activities. We adopted the coins for Valentine’s Day. When I saw them in the dollar store I thought “what would you do with those? They look like Valentine treasure or something.” Previously we had been using “Kindness Coupons”, simple paper heart and star shapes that I printed and the girls coloured, and that went into a little pouch with their names. For the coins I found some cute little Valentines pails.

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We use our coins to earn fun activities, or treats. Making our Scented Glitter Play Dough was one of these activities. But we’ve also done really simple things like a family trip to the library, or the park on a warm day, or a trip to Tim Hortons for a donut, or a special movie with popcorn. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. It turns into great family fun. My girls are still too little to worry about how many coins each activity requires, or if they each have the same number of coins, which makes it easy and more fun at this stage.

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This weekend we have another special activity planned for them, stay posted!

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  1. Good thinking. Positive reinforcement always seems to get better (and more long lasting) results!

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