Muffin Tin Monday

Today was Muffin Tin Monday, and this time we were really excited about it, and looking forward to it. We are starting to get into the Valentine’s Day swing around here, so since there was no theme today at Muffin Tin Mom, where the weekly muffin tin party is held, we had a Valentine’s Day Tin today.

muffin tin 007

Thanks to a tip from another mom, we turned our Valentine’s Day cupcake liners inside out so we could enjoy the pictures. Clever. We started out with English Muffin Pizzas. Strangely I had never made them for my kids before. Maddie thought they were great, and I was excited to have found low-fat turkey pepperoni at the grocery store today. I made two halves, and cut each into thirds. It was a little too much, next time just one half will do. We added a little broccoli, and some pears. She actually eat the pear first, and I owe it all to the red pom-pom pick. I saw from some of the other mom’s tins last week, that picks of all sorts are really popular with the kids. I’d never tried it before. I had these picks in my cupboard for ages and ages. I bought them for a Christmas party and forgot to use them, there is red and green. Today was the day to dig them out, and use the red to go with our Valentine’s Day theme, boy was it a hit! Another idea from the other moms was to add a few sprinkles to yogurt or pudding. She loved it! Chocolate pudding is already a treat, but add heart shaped sprinkles and it’s a party!

muffin tin 015

She loved her lunch, and I loved the her excitement and joy as we planned it out together. Check out more great muffin tin ideas from other moms here.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I haven’t tried picks or english muffin pizzas with JDaniel. We will have to try them sometime soon.

  2. Looks like you had success this week too. I have really got to find some picks so I can see if the girls would like them. Definitely agree that adding the sprinkles makes pudding or yogurt a little more special.

  3. Feeding my 3 boys says:

    It all looks yummy. My middle son makes a great muffin pizza.

  4. That’s my favorite part about doing Muffin Tin Monday – all the helpful tips, tricks and ideas from the other mommies! (I’d love to see a Daddy blogger do this, but so far I haven’t seen one.) I love how much the kiddos eat with just a few simple enhancements to the meal! My sister refuses to buy into all this, but I show her every time I visit how much more her kids eat, and are willing to TRY because I made it fun!

  5. What a yummy looking meal! Sprinkles are always a hit at my house too!

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