No. 8 -Let’s Keep This Party Going!

100 000 Hits Party 192

I recently celebrated having over 100 000 hits on my little blog, with a fun get together for 10 of my readers, and I’m featuring highlights of the party over 10 special posts (10 x 10 = 100 for 100 000 hits -get it?) Today’s post is all about keeping the party going.

100 000 Hits Party 287

I invited my guests to join me in bringing a toy suitable for a boy or girl’s birthday present, that might not otherwise receive one. Unfortunately for some parents, adding a gift and a birthday cake to a budget that’s too tight anyway can be a real issue. The Salvation Army works with families, year round to help supply those needs. We all know of the amazing work they do at Christmas to help needy families with Christmas gifts for their kids. Many Salvation Army churches offer on-going help through food banks and family services. Helping create a birthday party with a new toy, is just one more thing they do to bring joy to families in need.

SA transparent

We sent our toys to our local Salvation Army Church, where they will be distributed to kids in our local area. So after a night of fun and celebration, it’s pretty cool, that we can pay it forward, by hopefully helping out with a little fun and celebration for a kid who needs it!

Find the local Salvation Army in your area, and see if you can help keep the party going! Every little bit helps.

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