No. 9 -The Cupcakes

100 000 Hits Party 103

Nothing says a party like cupcakes! For my 100 000 hits party, where I invited 10 readers to come for a night of food, drink and celebration, I knew that I wanted to have cupcakes on the menu. So, I went to one of my new favourite places, and today I would like to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Cupcakes Canada in Ajax, Ontario.

100 000 Hits Party 092

They have a beautiful store and as soon as you walk in your heart will skip a beat looking at the gorgeous display of cupcakes. The hardest part about going there is choosing which flavour to try!

100 000 Hits Party 056

How about their signature flavour Maple Walnut?

100 000 Hits Party 046

Or maybe Carrot Craving?

100 000 Hits Party 053

Or how about Cookies and Cream?

100 000 Hits Party 060

While you’re choosing your cupcakes up front, you’ll probably smell them being freshly baked in the kitchen. Each cupcake is freshly baked each day, and through out the day. When I stopped in one afternoon the girls were working on a batch of strawberry.

100 000 Hits Party 080

Behind the scenes, they make the swirl of icing on this Cookies and Cream look so easy!

100 000 Hits Party 089

And nothing says celebration like some sprinkles!

100 000 Hits Party 076

Rainbow Celebration sure looks sweet!

100 000 Hits Party 073

View the entire Cupcakes Canada menu here.

If you just can’t choose which to try, you can try them all in a variety pack. Cupcakes Canada will package them up for you in a beautiful take home box. Imagine bringing these to someone as a hostess gift? or teacher appreciation? or just about any occasion in the world, because who wouldn’t love to open up a big box of cupcakes?

100 000 Hits Party 065


Cupcakes Canada supplied us with an assortment of their beautiful cupcakes for the 100 000 hits party. We had an variety of their amazing flavours including Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Classic Coconut, and Lemon Zest, as well as others.

100 000 Hits Party 279

They were such a delicious addition to our menu. They looked beautiful on display, and tasted as good as they looked! Everyone loves a little sweet to look forward to, even at a cocktail party.

My favourite flavour is Very Vanilla.

100 000 Hits Party 104

Cupcakes Canada made these beautiful Vanilla cupcakes, to coordinate with our pink party colour, and packaged them in beautiful individual cupcake boxes for my guests to take home as a favour. What a sweet reminder the next day of our wonderful time together!

100 000 Hits Party 110

These would make amazing favours for any party.

Thank you so much Cupcakes Canada for the wonderful cupcakes, and you’ll be seeing me, and my friends very often, because life is a party if you make it one, and having one of these cupcakes, pretty much makes a party in itself! 😉

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  1. These were really good Dannyelle. I had the red velvet with cream cheese icing and it was sooo delicious! Truly. Hope had the very vanilla and she is still talking about it! Great product.

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