Royal Tea Party -Part II

The Food!

Tea parties call for little sandwiches, hot tea and homemade scones with clotted cream, and these were all included on our menu for our Women’s Ministry Royal Tea Party.

ribfest and tea party 063

We started with an assortment of some of my favourite tea sandwiches. There were classic cucumber and cream cheese fingers.

ribfest and tea party 059

We also had a vegetarian favourite of mine. It’s made with roasted red pepper, olive tapenade, fresh basil and goat’s cheese. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds!

ribfest and tea party 078

We also served my famous chicken toast cups. You toast a buttered slice of bread in a muffin cup to make the cup and fill with a delicious chicken salad made from rotisserie chicken and top with onion sprouts.

ribfest and tea party 079

We also had turkey with cranberry mayo on marble bread, and egg salad on a mini croissant. Along with the sandwiches there was a veggie tray.

ribfest and tea party 057

The savoury food was delicious. For drinks we served a delicious lemonade punch, Perrier, and tea, lots and lots of tea!

ribfest and tea party 051

ribfest and tea party 055

The sweet table was so beautiful.

ribfest and tea party 091

Since we were celebrating the recent royal wedding, I hung a netting canopy over the desert table and used cupcakes to make a wedding cake like display. I used simple bulk barn decorations and vanilla cake and icing.

ribfest and tea party 071

The star attraction were the delicious home made scones -plain and blueberry, looking great on our home made cake stands -see how we made them in this post.

ribfest and tea party 087

We served the scones with blueberry jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, butter and clotted cream. They were so, so good!

There was also shortbread, mini trifles, a fruit tray, and meringue cookies.

ribfest and tea party 090

ribfest and tea party 072

The food was all so delicious and everyone really enjoyed it.

We had one special guest who is suffering with some health issues, and has to be on a very restricted diet. I wanted my friend to feel included in the festivities too so I went to work trying to find some vegetarian, egg free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, nut free options. I managed to find a few, so here are a few ideas if you’re ever in need. I wanted to make tea sandwiches for her so she’d feel as much a part of the party as possible. Through the internet, advice from a friend, and scanning the health food section I found some great options. I made her sunflower butter and banana sandwiches on rice bread, and also sunflower butter and blueberry jam on rice bread. I also found some rice wraps and made two kinds of wraps. One was homemade hummus, roasted veggies, and sprouts, and the other was homemade black bean dip with shredded carrots, julienne red pepper, and mixed salad greens.

ribfest and tea party 096

ribfest and tea party 095

I also wanted to offer her a few sweets. Along with the restrictions I listed above she also can’t have any caffeine or chocolate. I found a brand of gingersnaps that fit the bill, and then tried to find a recipe on line for something else. I came up with this recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies with oatmeal and changed the peanut butter to sunflower butter, left out the chocolate chips, and changed the oil to olive oil (the only she can currently have). They actually came out looking like cookies!

ribfest and tea party 097

After living on this diet for 6 months, and always having to bring all her own food to every function she attends, she was very grateful. And I was happy to do it for her, and even re-discovered how much I enjoy ministering love to friends and family with food. There is something to be said for good old fashioned hospitality, and when she hugged me in thanks, I got a little tear in my eye too, just grateful that you can actually show someone a little bit how much you love them by going out of your way to invite them to the party!

See Part I for all the fun Royal themed decor!

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  1. So many gatherings centre around food that it being on a special diet can make you feel like an outsider. It’s so lovely that you decided to be inclusive and invite this woman to be part of your communion together. Good for you.

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