Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

santa clause parade 2011 042

Today was our local Santa Claus Parade, and we helped put together a sweet little float for our church.

santa clause parade 2011 033

The parade is always a little tricky, with really limited time and resources, but it’s always a lot of fun too, and a great way to be a part of the community!

santa clause parade 2011 031

This year our theme was “Every good gift is from God“. We dressed up a hay wagon and some big appliance boxes. The tags on the gifts were things that God has given us like: a home, food, friends, love, health, peace, and joy! We dressed up our little (and some not so little) folks as gifts.

santa clause parade 2011 022

We had a great time spreading a little holiday cheer and welcoming Santa to town! That’s what we’ve been working up to this week, now is it too early to start Christmas decorating?

santa clause parade 2011 018

Life is a party…a Christmas party!

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