Spring Bulb Gardens

women's retreat 026

This past weekend, I helped to host a special women’s day at our church. One of the activities we did was make bulb gardens together. It was so much fun and they all turned out so well. I think it would be great idea just for a fun spring get together with friends.

Rather than supplying containers, we gave each lady a crisp five dollar bill, and sent them out together with maps of where the local thrift stores, dollar stores, and discount stores where. We had about eight within a 5 min. drive of our location. Everyone went different places, and after 45 min. we gathered back at our church building for coffee and cookies.

It was really neat to see all the great stuff people found, and for only $5. I’m really glad we did this part of the activity because it was a great bonding experience for the ladies, and allowed each one to express their own individual personalities, and who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt!

women's retreat 005

In advance we had purchased bulbs, potting soil, and butterfly pics for everyone to use. They were given 4 inch pots of mini-daffodils, a hyacinth, and tulips. After coffee the planting began. The green thumbs helped out the brown thumbs and everyone had a good time and a good laugh;)

women's retreat 037

women's retreat 053

All the gardens were so beautiful when they were done. This one used Easter tins from the dollar store.

women's retreat 042

Some people found pottery at the second hand store.

women's retreat 030

Some people used planters.

women's retreat 045

women's retreat 032

I love the galvanized steel bucket.

women's retreat 027

And this little sugar bowl turned planter is so cute.

women's retreat 025

Guess what I choose? Milk glass. Here it is at home, on my console table. The buds have opened, and it’s bringing a little spring to the front door.

women's retreat 079

women's retreat 082

Spring is coming…really it is.

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  1. these flowers are making the whole house smell amazing.. just sayin’

  2. My flowers are all out in bloom and brightening up my kitchen area!

    Great day. I was one of the Brown thumbs but learned a lot from the green thumbs in the group.

    Thanks again

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