The Food!

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One of the joys of cruising is the amazing food! I had been looking forward to it for weeks, and I wasn’t disappointed. The ship has lots of dining options, including a cafe, a buffet, the formal dining room and room service. I had even viewed the room service menu on-line here before we left! One of the other great joys of cruising is that there is also something your kids will like available as well.

Here is one meal in the dinning room.

I started with an appetizer of creamy mushrooms in puff pastry.

cruise pics 277

My husband had the fishermans salad, with shrimp, salmon and scallops.

cruise pics 278

My in-laws tried the cream of asparagus soup.

cruise pics 280

For main course, I had the prime rib, served with oven roasted root vegetables and baked potato.

cruise pics 284

My husband started eating his lobster tail before I could get a picture, but he said it was delicious 😉

For dessert, I had the cherries jubilee. Yum, yum.

cruise pics 295

My husband had the dessert trio, with a mini rum soaked sponge cake, a mini flourless molten chocolate cake, and mini cheese cake. Everything truly is better mini!

cruise pics 289

This was one of 12 nights worth of amazing, delicious food.

Another food highlight was the amazing fruit and vegetable carvings on the buffet tables. It’s amazing what a skilled person can do with a watermelon. I usually think melon balls are fancy!

cruise pics 225 cruise pics 221

Some of the displays incorporated all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

cruise pics 231 cruise pics 217

Incorporated in this buffet was an ice cream station. I love the simplicity of the big cardboard containers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, surrounded by ice. This would work well for any at home ice cream bar, just on a smaller scale.

cruise pics 241

The food certainly was delicious, and all the wonderful new things I tried definitely inspired me for my next dinner party. I feel so very blessed that life is a party…at least when your fortunate enough to be on vacation!

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  1. Just found your blog!
    All I hear is how wonderful cruises can be.
    The meals seem to be the #1 mentioned luxury.
    Thanks for sharing your photos of delicious foods. We recently moved to
    Germany, so may be we can finally plan a cruise of our own in the near future.

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