THE PICNIC: Part II -The Activities

picnic party 045

We had some great activities planned for our beach picnic, so I thought I’d share.

Our loot bags were sand pails. We couldn’t find any pink metal sand pails, but we did find these pink plant pots at IKEA. We drilled holes in the side, and sanded them with a metal file. Then we added thick sisal rope and tied it to create the handle.

picnic party 078

I found some pink shovels, and filled the pail with other beach treats.

picnic party 035

We were planning on a sand castle building contest, so we included these fun flags, made with bamboo skewers, fabric and my trusty glue gun! The birthday girl’s favourite candy is Carmel squares, so we added some in these sweet organza bags. I tried to co-ordinate all the labels, including this one for bubbles.

picnic party 038

My favourite part of the loot bags, were these sea shell tic-tac-toe games that we made. I spray painted sea shells in pink and red, and then packaged them in cello bags, with a label instructing the guests to create their grid in the sand and have fun!

picnic party 041

picnic party 028

I set up the loot bags on the kitchen table with a cute picnic table cloth. My mom brought the beautiful roses from her garden, and we added some of the cute flags, to the mason jar vase.

picnic party 031

picnic party 029

My mother-in-law found some fun pink beach balls that fit with our theme, and mermaid dolls for the little girls to play with in their sand castles. Thanks Grandma!

picnic party 110

We were planning on having a sand castle building contest at the beach. I found some fun trophies at the dollar store, and added some pink and red ribbon, and some labels for the winning sand castles. We divided the guests up into family teams and awarded each family a trophy for the Sandiest Sand Castle, the Cutest Sand Castle, the Biggest Sand Caste, and the Most Beautiful Sand Castle.

picnic party 064

picnic party 060

We had to change our plans a little since we were inside due to the cold, windy weather at the beach, so we drew pictures of the the sand castles instead, which everyone was a really good sport about.

Going up next…Part III -The Food (the best part!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This post makes me want to be a kid again!!! What absolutely great ideas you used for your daughter’s party. You have a real knack for putting things together and it shows throughout your blog – especially in this post. Your daughter and her guests must have had a tonne of fun. Everything looks so fun and fresh. ๐Ÿ™‚

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