Valentine Muffin Tin Meal

It’s muffin tin Monday again, and today’s theme was -Valentine’s Day!

valentine muffin tin 008

On the special menu today: some mozzarella (or pizza cheese as my kids call it) cut out as hearts. Next row, turkey pepperoni bites, and some crackes. In the heart container is a caramel square, one of Maddie’s all time favourite treats. Top row, blueberries on Valentine’s day tooth pics, and a Kinder egg, sent from Grandma as a Valentine day treat. All eagerly eaten!

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s day lunch too. Check out lots of other ideas at Muffin Tin Mom.

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  1. This is filled with such wonderful treats!

  2. I love the way you used the recessed part of the cheese. Very cute!

  3. Great tin! I’m liking the Kinder Surprise treat! :))

    ~Rockabye Butterfly~

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