Zephyr Garden Tour -Part One

Mom's Garden 113

This weekend my mom, Marie, held an open garden for her Horticultural Society. I was born and raised at the house she lives in, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the garden look as beautiful. It was overcast, but the rain held off as Mom escorted dozens of people through her little Eden. The house itself is quite majestic, with all it’s glittering fieldstone, white bargeboard details, and the cedar shake roof. It’s over a century old, and boasts a rustic country charm that just can’t compare to new houses. And the garden adds to it’s glory. One of my favourite recent additions is the white garden, at the front of the house. Three years ago, my Mom and I both added one the same year, perhaps I’ll try and show you mine soon too.

Mom's Garden 008

It really is amazing how many white plants there are, once you start looking for them. This is one of my favourites, foxgloves.

Mom's Garden 013

More of the white garden, including delphiniums, fever few, and white creeping phlox.

At the front of the house there is also a small rose garden.

Mom's Garden 019

It’s amazing how restraining yourself to one colour or one type of flower has so much impact.

My mom has also gone to great effort to create the most beautiful and uncommon planters. None from the garden centre here!

Mom's Garden 014

This beautiful wrought iron pot sits at the front door.

Mom's Garden 021

On the corner this beautiful combination of purples and blues.

Mom's Garden 022

This urn is a feature of the front garden, created by the mason who built the house. It’s gorgeous, overflowing with lots of colour!

Mom's Garden 029

At the top of the driveway are several pots with amazing combinations of annuals, and perennials that get over-wintered in the veggie patch.

Mom's Garden 031

And for all who think that shade plants are boring, look at this stunning perennial group of plants! I also love the cream ceramic pot they’re in.

Mom's Garden 034

Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be complicated to be stunning. I love this topiary with double white impatiens around the bottom, in this amazing cherub stone pot, that sits at the entrance to the kitchen, off of the driveway. All these various pots are in the front, scattered in different locations creating focal points and adding interest.

Mom's Garden 023

Along the front side of the house there are beautiful clematis and hollyhocks stretching up towards the sun room windows and ready to bust into bloom. The sun room sits here at the very front of the house. I remember playing in here as a little girl, and now it’s my Mom’s favourite breakfast location.

Mom's Garden 018

Mom's Garden 015

Fairies play in the window now!

Between the driveway and the neighbours fence is another sweet shady garden.

Mom's Garden 025

There are lots of plants here, some are ferns, hostas, solomon’s seal, perennial geraniums, violets and a few trilliums and jack-in-pulpit in the spring! Amidst this woodland feeling garden, there is something a little unexpected, “Mango Tango” calla lilies. These are a tropical flower that will have to be dug up and over wintered inside, but they sure are an unusual pop of colour here.

Mom's Garden 026

The Mango Tangos look great with this orange garden ornament too.

Mom's Garden 027

On the other side of the driveway and barn that once housed carriages and horses a hundred years ago, there is an arbour that leads to the back garden and the veranda. Mom's Garden 033

We’ll continue the tour in the back yard tomorrow, there’s so much more to see.

Mom's Garden 102

Thanks for visiting our open garden.

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  1. Sheila W. says:

    I can see where your creativity comes from. Beautiful garden.

  2. Your mom has such a beautiful place. You were truly blessed to grow up here.

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