Zephyr Garden Tour -Part Two

Mom's Garden 011

This weekend, my mom held an open garden for the members of her Horticultural Society. Yesterday we toured the front, see Part I here, and today we head to the backyard.

We go through the arbour, and into a sheltered spot between the house and the barn.

Mom's Garden 033

The barn is on the left, and makes for a great place to store pots, shovels, hoses, and everything else needed to tend the garden.

Mom's Garden 036

Looking back at the house, is a little veranda; a great location for a cup of tea!

Mom's Garden 038

Mom's Garden 044

We served some lemonade, bottled water and sweets to the members of the Horticultural Society. I had fun doing a little baking, and making some of mom’s favourites for her special day. I made chocolate chip shortbread, shortbread fingers, and mini lemon meringue tarts. They seemed to be much appreciated. πŸ˜‰

Mom's Garden 042

There are lots of pots on the veranda, all in terracotta here.

Mom's Garden 045

You remember my fairy gardens, see how I made them here, well I made one for my mom too. No fairies around today, I don’t thing they like so much company.

Mom's Garden 046

And here is the view from the veranda, looking out to the rest of the backyard.

Mom's Garden 092

On the corner of the house, on the right, beside the back door, is a lovely purple clematis, and at it’s foot another gorgeous pot of simple coleus and fuchsia.

Mom's Garden 047

Just behind here, under the maple tree is my mom’s Japanese garden.

Mom's Garden 049

There are hostas, grasses, a new little cut-leaf Japanese maple, columbine, a boxwood, hydrangea, a red corkscrew hazel, peonies, and a snowball tree. I remember when my mom first planted it, with a little research done at the library. It’s such a peaceful spot, and a great lesson on how what is mostly plants without flowers, can still create such a beautiful display with differences in texture, shape, and leaf colour.

Mom's Garden 050

Mom's Garden 053

Around the edge of the barn is a climbing rose, with a sweet little trough garden at it’s feet, and the wheel barrow ready for service.

Mom's Garden 056

And, behind the barn is the vegetable and cutting garden. My sister is a florist, and during the summer my mom sometimes supplies flowers to her from home. The flowers are still coming up, the veggies are doing amazing. My mom’s friend, Russ, is the veggie gardener. He lives in an apartment and is happy to have a little space at a friends to grow his fresh veggies. And so are all of we…the happy recipients of extra tomatoes, zucchini, onions, etc.

Mom's Garden 069

The garden is divided into quarters, with a sweet little sundial at its centre.

Mom's Garden 058

Mom's Garden 059

Along the back of the property is another big perennial boarder.

Mom's Garden 082

The giant pacific delphiniums look almost as good as mom does. πŸ˜‰

This lilac tree was the perfect spot to add some simple candles in their overhanging branches.

Mom's Garden 090 Mom's Garden 089

Mom's Garden 079

Mom's Garden 078

And heading back to the house, one of my mom’s favourite gardens, the Austen Rose garden.

Mom's Garden 061

Mom's Garden 091

The Austen roses are uniquely fragrant and full. This beautiful pink one is “Abraham Darby”, and won mom the best of show Rose basket at her club last year!




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  1. How nice to have a garden tour! Your mom looks lovely – so nice to see a photo of her. Tell her the garden looks smashing – nice to be reminded of happy memories at your house. Sadie loved the fairies in the window.

  2. you’re mum’s house is awesome!!! it brings back the country girl in me. not for long though. I’m still not keen on the insects. So nice to see the house you grew up in though! The garden is perfect. Say hi to your mum for me! πŸ™‚

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