a day at the fair


10:30 -We arrive at the fair and make our first stop…tiny tim’s donuts and then a coffee from the tim horton’s truck. See those little, still warm donuts on their little conveyor belt, heading towards fulfilling their donut destiny. Apple cinnamon and a double double.

markham fair 004

markham fair 023

10:45 -Checking out all the local produce at some of the farm stand booths.

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markham fair 028

markham fair 031

11:00 -First up for the activities: a kid’s cooking class, the taste-tester approves!

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markham fair 037 markham fair 041

11:15 -Checking out the honey and those honey bees!

markham fair 032 markham fair 033

11:20 -Seed planting time.

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11:25 -Milking a plastic cow -they don’t move around so much, or mind all the tiny hands pulling on them πŸ˜‰

markham fair 045

11:35 -“We’re on a roll”. Rolling around in a giant ball -hamster-ish, and reportedly very, very fun

markham fair 060

markham fair 070

12:00 -Must be lunch time! My favourite. I heart fair food.

markham fair 119

markham fair 122 markham fair 121

12:45 -Time to visit the animals!

markham fair 108

1:30 -Checking out the exhibits, big pumpkins, delicious looking goodies, and creative crafts.

2:00 -Time for a few rides with cousins!

markham fair 133

markham fair 154

2:30 -Bathroom break πŸ˜‰

2:45 -Dessert time! Paige -Oreo Caramel Apple, Maddie -Chocolate Ice Cream Cone dipped in Chocolate, Roland and Me -Funnel Cake, with Blueberries and Ice Cream. Did I mention fair food is our favourite?

markham fair 162

3:00 -Consuming our goodies, while we watched some crazy trampolining and tumbling show -classic fair entertainment.

3:30 -Meeting up with the cousins again to play in the hay!

markham fair 082

markham fair 077 markham fair 078

4:10 -The air is cooling off, we brush off the hay and visit some of the farm stand booths to bring some apples, apple cider and other goodies home. Did I mention we love fair food?

4:20 -Enjoying some Werther’s from our pockets, that we grabbed earlier at the free sample table.

markham fair 018

4:25 -Heading home, tired and happy after a great day at the fair.

8:15 -Kids and Daddy are already in bed, that fresh air did everyone in. And for me…the fair just keeps on giving, a raisin butter tart from the goodies we brought home and cup of tea.

markham fair 224

Some days, life really is a party. πŸ˜‰

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