The Antique Show -and a little CELEBRITY SPOTTING!

christie antique show 010

I had a great, great time at the Christie Spring Antique Show again this year! (See last years fun garden bench here, and the year befores sweet princess chandelier here). What could be better than a field full of cool vintage stuff, and a bit of money in your pocket? Not much. I am always amazed by all the stuff there, and particularly all the great stuff. Sure there’s a few, wow people collect that? booths, but for the most part, it’s row after row of stuff you wish you could bring home. You’ve all seen pics of my house, fairly contemporary, with some rustic vintage thrown in a few places, but coming here makes you want to re-do your whole house. Like seeing this great booth, full of red and white kitchen kitch. All of a sudden you’re thinking about how your kitchen could be all red and white gingham and how cute it would be.

christie antique show 006

christie antique show 005

Or how you could devote a wall or cabinet to vintage cookie cutters.

christie antique show 008 christie antique show 009

I didn’t come home with anything red and white, but I did find an enamelware baby bath that’s going to get potted with flowers this week and live on my deck. Pics coming soon!

christie antique show 016

I also have a thing for depression glass. It’s just so pretty, especially the pink!

christie antique show 027

Some booths were so pretty, you just wanted to buy the vignette, like this booth by Lainey and Co.

christie antique show 029

It definitely made me want to pull out some of my old treasures that I already have at home, like crates and mason jars.

One of my fav purchases of the day… a little old green vintage typewriter. What am I going to do with it? I don’t know exactly, but I just wanted to bring it home with me, so home it came. Boy is it heavy.

christie antique show 023

I got a few other little goodies that I’ll be sure to share with you soon. But almost better than all our great new purchases was spotting Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe, of HGTV!

christie antique show 032

They were so sweet, and totally up for posing for a picture for the blog! They even asked what it was called, and commented on how cute a name it was!

christie antique show 033

One more quick pic, and Tommy waved and commenting that “life really is a party!”…um yes it is, especially after an encounter with Sarah and Tommy! All in all a great, great day.

Here’s me and my BFF Heather in the parking area ready to head home with all our new treasures, and I seem to be doing a bit of a happy dance -well it’s not everyday you get a compliment on your blog name from Sarah and Tommy!

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  1. ahh you met sarah and tommy! did you see what they had purchased?

  2. What a wonderful antique show. I would love to live in an area where there are some near by. I love your typewriter!!

  3. Oh how I love Sarah and Tommy! I would love to see them in person so lucky you and that show looked like great fun. Glad you took us along!

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