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I made home made granola for the first time a while ago for our Mother’s Day Brunch, see all the pretty pictures here. It was a HUGE hit. My kids loved it, my husband loved it, my mom loved it, and my friends loved it. I sent some left-overs home with them they’ve all run out and have actually been asking about more. So, today we made more home made granola.

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I used the same great recipe again. I loved how she talked in the recipe post about trying other versions but finding out the secret to the great clumps. Since this was my first recipe to try out, I felt like I was getting in on the secret without having to figure it out myself. I like that. I also liked how she said sugar worked better than honey or maple syrup. I just liked her honesty. I mean, we all have pictures of granola being healthy, and using no refined sugar, but I liked that she was straight up about sugar just working better. I was a little low on brown sugar today, so I used white for half.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used.

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You start out blitzing half the oats in the food processor to make oat flour which helps create the apparently allusive and much coveted clusters. My kids aren’t big nut eaters so I played it safe with almonds and walnuts. I chopped them by hand so they’d still be really big chunks. I also didn’t add dry fruit at the end, because we usually have it with some fresh fruit. I love how versatile the recipe is, and that you can customize it to whatever you and yours like.

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My daughter is loving it with Greek yogurt and honey. (And it makes me feel like one of those good moms, who give their kids home made nutritional foods). 😉 When she got home from school today, all she could smell was the yummy, sweet, oatmealy smell of home made granola. It’s been rainy here since for days and days, so it seemed fitting on this grey afternoon to curl up with a bowl of homey goodness.

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Life is a party when you’ve got home made granola -even if it’s just a quiet party for one!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This granola is so yummy! I made some last night and it’s a hit with the family.

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