Moms and Tots Camp 2012

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My girls and I were away all week at Moms and Tots camp. It’s a church camp for moms and their kids under 8 years old. We’ve come the last 3 years, and always look forward to coming back again the next year. Here’s my top reasons for loving camp:

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#5 -Enjoying the lake! (and all the other great activities available). My kids love to swim, and there is a lake and a pool at the camp ground. My water babies love it! They also love the park, the jumping castle, and the playing fields…just to name a few favourites.

#4 -Getting pampered. Camp is a place where they go out of their way to make the moms feel pampered. There is time to be with other moms, while the kids are at their own great program. And, there are lots of thoughtful little touches like the gift of nice hand cream, or snack time with warm scones and tea, or the moms special dinner night where child care is once again provided, and the moms get to put on a little lipstick and enjoy a delicious meal without having to cut up anyone else’s meat first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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#3-Time for a little mom and kid bonding. I love spending family time with my husband and children, but camp is a moms only zone -no dads allowed, and I’ve come to appreciate it as a special week for just us. There are no meals to make, no errands to run, and no cleaning to do. This week is reserved for fun, and we do our best to really accomplish that goal!

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#2 -Time to connect with other moms. We all need a little encouragement sometimes. Hearing about other moms spiritual journeys and triumphs and challenges as moms to young children always inspires me. It’s good to be reminded that we’re not alone, and to have time to talk, laugh, and even cry together. We even stay up way too late outside our rooms and chat after the kids are asleep. It’s the closest thing to teenaged summer camp as we’re going to get -and we love it, even if we are yawning the next day!

#1No cooking for 5 whole days. There are moments when the kids are a little less than pleased at the menu selection, but I say, “I didn’t have to cook it” tastes great!

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I hope you and your kids have a chance to connect and have some fun together this summer too.

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  1. wow i’d love to go to a camp like this!!

  2. I was there, I can see me in the picture of the special dinner. I am the girl who said the testimony and poems that one evening. ๐Ÿ™‚

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