Mouse Paint

mouse paint 006

I’ve been working on another assignment for my course, but this is one that Maddie really enjoyed helping out with. 😉 We started out reading the book Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stroll Walsh. If you’ve never read it, it’s a cute story about three white mice who end up mixing primary colours to make secondary colours by swimming in paint and then dripping puddles. Maddie and I did a few activities together to answer the question “How could I mix new colours” after we read the book.

mouse paint 002

Our first activity was experimenting with paint like the mouse did. Maddie had a great time mixing away on her “palette” like an artist.

mouse paint 005

Our second activity, which she really loved, was experimenting with mixing primary colours of coloured water to create secondary colours.

mouse paint 013

We decided to make “colour recipes” so we’d know how to make them again another day too.

mouse paint 021

She spent a long time playing with the water and the eye dropper, every four year olds dream and so easy. If you’re wondering where to get an eye dropper, I asked at the pharmacists if they sold disposable eye droppers and the nice lady gave me one for free.

mouse paint 017

This was a great afternoon of easy activities that Maddie loved, if you happen to have a four year old…life is a party when you get to experiment  with how to mix colours! 😉

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