One of Kind Show Toronto, 2012

It’s an annual event for my mom and I to go to the Toronto One of Kind show together and start our Christmas shopping, usually for each other. πŸ˜‰ My mom always says she doesn’t mind knowing what she’s getting for Christmas by picking it out herself, since then you know there’s something worth getting up for under the tree on Christmas morning. This year at the show I found lots of lovely things and thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. Most of the sellers have etsy or on-line shops so even if you can’t make it down to the show you could still order these lovelies for Christmas.

I’m doing a winter woodland theme for Christmas this year, which I can’t wait to start sharing with you this week, but here are some of the beautiful woodland-y things I found at the show this year.

a-oneofakindshow2012 019

These lovely birds are from Pi’lo, always one of my favourite booths. Heather has the sweetest little ornaments and decor items. I thought these little birds were so lovely.

a-oneofakindshow2012 020

Won’t these moss stars be cute on a woodland Christmas tree too. There were so many temptations at Pi’lo.

I also thought these little acorn and pinecone necklaces from Toodlebunny were so sweet. They had all kinds of tempting jewellery, and I might have got myself a little something for my stocking, just trying to help Santa out. πŸ˜‰

a-oneofakindshow2012 004

a-oneofakindshow2012 005

I liked this beautiful hand made bird feeder and yarn holder from Martin House Art. Fill it with suet in the winter, and in the spring fill it with colourful yarns for birds to use in their nest building. Imagine how beautiful the nest would look.

a-oneofakindshow2012 066

Lesley-Anne Green was there sharing her amazing felt creations. The sweetest little owls, foxes, mice, piglets, raccoons, and unicorns (to name a just a few) that would be adorable on a shelf looking whimsical or imagine one in a baby nursery.

a-oneofakindshow2012 084

I loved these rustic wooden bowls from Stinson Studios. Won’t one of these look amazing filled wit ornaments and surrounded with Christmas greens on your dinning room table?

a-oneofakindshow2012 097

a-oneofakindshow2012 106

I also saw these lovely handmade ceramic maple syrup jars from Marianne Chenard. I loved the images on the bottles, especially the one with the deer on it -I seem to have a thing for deer this Christmas.

a-oneofakindshow2012 166

I also loved the plain white one, with bark texture.

a-oneofakindshow2012 162

And one more woodland inspired product from Gosia. I thought these little sculptures were so sweet. I’m a sucker for anything small, and sweet, and their hats were kind of gnome-ish. So cute.

a-oneofakindshow2012 133

One of my real favourites from the show where these porcelain mason jars, from heyday design, and the artist Claire was lovely too. Won’t one of these be great on your kitchen table filled with fresh greens and red berries. I loved them -two of my favs, white and vintage inspired.

a-oneofakindshow2012 155

a-oneofakindshow2012 157

Another booth I really liked was the woodlot. All their products are made from re-claimed lumber and firewood, and they’re so creative. I liked the little hair pins. They had beautiful buttons, that had me standing there thinking what could I make to use these?

a-oneofakindshow2012 185

They had several cute products for kids, like these sweet sets of play money.

a-oneofakindshow2012 193 a-oneofakindshow2012 189

And the last booth I loved that was also using re-claimed materials was Wine Planks. I really liked their garden balls made from the old metal straps of wine barrels, and perfect for Christmas, the metal stars.

a-oneofakindshow2012 204

And here’s one of the garden balls used as a light. Love it.

a-oneofakindshow2012 207

These are some of my favs from the show, hope you like them too. With any of these beauties wrapped up under the tree this year, life really is a party!

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