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Since the girls are dressing up this year as a magician and a magician’s white rabbit, see how we made their costumes here, we thought we’d keep the magic theme going with our pumpkins!

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The largest one, we carved with star shapes. We used a few star cookie cutters that we had to mark the shapes and then cut them out. We also added some gem thumbtacks for a little sparkle, and around a few random stars I added an outline of silver glitter glue. It looks so pretty all lit up, casting star shaped shadows.

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Next we did a painted pumpkin. The girls painted it purple, and added little star embellishments from the Christmas section of the dollar store. I glittered the stem for a little more sparkle.

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The next one was a polka-dot pumpkin. We hollowed it out, and this year to help the carved pumpkins last longer, we rinsed the insides with a little bleach, it does really help. Next we got the drill out, and drilled random holes. It’s a little messy -like maybe do it outside instead of on your kitchen table. 😉

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Here’s the pumpkin all cleaned up after and the bit and hole cutter we used.

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We finished it off with some cute purple thumb tacks and a few polka dots of silver glitter glue.

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We used our silver mercury glass-ish pumpkins too, see how we made them here. Our final pumpkin was the 31 pumpkin. I got the cute little brass house numbers for $1.25 each and attached them with thumb tacks to the pumpkin. We added alternating stripes of purple glitter, silver sequins held in place with a few straight pins and some brass thumb tacks.

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I love how all our magical pumpkins turned out! Here’s some of our ideas from this year:

  • trying using paint -get the kids painting or even use metallic spray paint
  • add a little sparkle with glitter
  • embellish with things like stars and sequins
  • look for regular and fancy thumb tacks
  • rinse your carved pumpkins out with a little beach to preserve them
  • try using a cookie cutter for your shapes
  • break out the drill!

Hope these pumpkins give you a few new ideas to try this year. Happy Carving!

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