Rustic DIY Tree Branch Cake Stands

Tree Branch Cake Stand DIY 009

We’re having a camping themed birthday party this weekend, and as soon as we finalized the theme I knew I wanted some rustic tree branch cake stands for the dessert table.

Luckily, I just happen to know a guy with a chain saw and a forest at his disposal.

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My friend Dan did me the amazing favour of finding the wood and cutting it for me. In fact, when I described what I wanted to do, he knew more about it than I did. He explained to me that we would need to find some wood that had been down for a while and had had some time to dry out. Other wise, when you cut your tree rounds, they split as they dry. This is some important info -thanks Dan.

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After a fun walk in the forest with the kids, harvesting our materials, and a wonderful mini vacation with our friends in Haliburton who not only own their own chainsaw, but know how to use it 😉 it was time to head back to home to the “city”. Once home I started sanding the tops of the tree rounds.

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I used my palm sander to smooth out the tops. I don’t mind things a little rustic, so I wasn’t too bothered that they weren’t completely level. If you’re bothered by these things you should relax you could use a level and an electric plane to make sure everything lines up.

dan and leanne's house 025

After they were all sanded on top I used wood glue to attach the top to the bottom.

tree branch cake stands 003

You could use clamps to hold the wood while the glue dries…or if you have no clamps you could use cook books – see those fancy cookbooks you rarely open are useful. 😉

tree branch cake stands 009

After the glue was dry I sprayed the tops with a little varathane to seal the wood. I love how they turned out.

Tree Branch Cake Stand DIY 027

Can’t wait for the party on Saturday, and praying it won’t get rained out!

Tree Branch Cake Stand DIY 010

With beautiful DIY Tree Branch Cake Stands, life really is a party!

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  1. they turned out great!

  2. These are just awesome! I happen to have a guy and he has a chain saw AND we live in the middle of the woods! win, win, win!

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