Strawberry and Raspberry Picking

strawberry picking 011

I’ve been suffering with poison ivy -or some such thing, and it’s kept me mostly in doors this week, but on Sunday we headed to a local pick-your-own farm for some fresh, fresh, fresh treats from the garden! We started out in the strawberry patch. It was hot, but tasty work. πŸ˜‰

strawberry picking 018

They were so sweet and juicy! After the strawberry picking, we stopped by where the snow peas were growing and picked a few for dinner.

strawberry picking 024

Here’s my picking team.

strawberry picking 026

Last stop was the raspberry patch. We were really hot, but couldn’t resist getting some of these delicious treats too.

strawberry picking 030

Then we headed home to make some treats. Here’s a sneak peak at our crepes, we’ll share the recipe tomorrow.

crepes 018

With fresh local fruit, life is a party! Hope you’re enjoying whatever your area has to offer.

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