The Cupcake Bakery Birthday Party Decorations!

cupcake bakery birthday party 162

We had the best time celebrating Maddie’s 5th birthday with a cupcake and bakery theme. For weeks we’ve been decorating and I wanted to show you some of the fun details.

We greeted guests with our “Help Wanted” sign on the front door -cute and easy.

cupcake bakery birthday party 035

The dinning room was set up for cupcake decorating -more on that to come, and the living room was our pretend play bakeshop and cafe.

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We used 3M hooks that come off with no damage to the paint, to string up a combination of tissue paper pom poms and paper lanterns.

cupcake bakery birthday party 178

I made this sweet little “Hello Cupcake” banner on my Cricut machine with some cupcake scrapbook paper, and added in the felted sweater heart garland I made for Valentine’s day.

cupcake bakery birthday party 163

The entrance way got dressed up with pink, and sweet little cupcake candles that I bought years ago for another cupcake event.

cupcake bakery birthday party 034

I decorated the fireplace mantel for the party too. I love putting out some baby pictures of the birthday girl -my how she’s grown! The cupcakes are more candles. I also used this cupcake banner. It’s made from simple felt flags stitched to some seam binding. I made several years ago, and add different felt pictures depending on the birthday theme. Love these sweet cupcakes with sprinkles and cherries on top!

cupcake bakery birthday party 042

There was also a Happy Birthday banner, with the same cupcakes.

cupcake bakery birthday party 154

And, another banner decorated the front of the pretend bakeshop.

cupcake bakery birthday party 043

One of my very favourite details were the sweet little cupcake flower arrangements. I was inspired by How Does She, but wasn’t able to get the containers here in Canada. One day, while in my favourite store (Dollarama) I came across cupcake liner shaped little ice cream bowls and spoons -angels sang.

cupcake bakery birthday party 158

They came in bright summer colours, but me and my BBF -spray paint, we fixed them right up! We left the one bright pink, and painted the yellow, green, and blue ones light pink. I sent them to my sister, at La Petite Fleur, and she filled them with a little floral foam and white mums -thanks Auntie Heather! I had some candles in just the right size, which were the finishing touch. Aren’t they the sweetest? I heart them -a lot.

cupcake bakery birthday party 235

In the kitchen, I also used one of Maddie’s sweet, and tiny bakery toys and arranged it on this beautiful cake plate.

cupcake party decorations 005

It looked so cute, and was a great way to share it with little friends, without losing any of the teeny, tiny little pieces in a house full of people.

cupcake party decorations 007

Everything was so pink, so cupcake-y and so cute, I hardly wanted to clean-up after the party and put everything away. With house decorated with cupcakes, life really is a party. 😉

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  1. Aleida Abreu says:

    this is the cutest birthday I have never seen….Beautiful

    can you tell me where you bought the pink gingham lunch boxes?

    thank you

  2. Thanks Aleida, we found the pink gingham lunch boxes at Dollarama. Not sure where you’re from but Dollarama is the big dollar store chain in Canada. They were a great find, hope you can find some too.

  3. Aleida Abreu says:

    Thank you, we don’t have that store here in the United States, I checked their website but not able to order any products.


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