The Virgin Gorda Baths

Cruise 2012 075

After a little on-line research at home to plan our port days on our cruise, I discovered that from our scheduled stop in Tortola, BVI, we could take the ferry over to the Virgin Gorda Baths. The Virgin Gorda Baths are an area of beach where huge boulders, dropped there by volcanoes long, long ago, have created a natural playground of grottos, caves, and sand to swim in, snorkel and explore.

We planned to take the ferry over, and then get a cab to the beach, as we’d read on-line. The ship also offered an excursion, but it’s always cheaper on your own, and you can stay longer or leave earlier if you want to. On our short walk from the cruise pier to the ferry, you are always approached by taxi drivers and tour organizers, among them was a man with his own boat, trying to gather a few groups to take to the baths for the day. We jumped on his boat with two other families, and he brought us directly to the beach. He charged us $45 each, and $20 for the kids. All in, slightly less than the ferry plus cab price, way more direct, and on our own schedule. The boat ride was really fun, just hang onto your hat!

Cruise 2012 039

He brought us right on to the sandy beach of Devil’s Bay, and arranged to pick us up again at 3 pm. We hopped off the boat onto this amazing beach.

Cruise 2012 051

We had a great time building sand castles and enjoying the scenery.

Cruise 2012 044

The snorkeling was amazing. Along the edge of the big boulders, there were lots of rocks underwater that created ledges, and nooks and crannies for fish. Just floating above on an air mattress and looking through the mask was the best snorkeling I’ve ever experienced, like being at an aquarium. Even along the shore, the water was so clear that you could look down at your feet in the water and see fish! Beautiful.

Cruise 2012 070

Around lunch we decided to hike over to the other beach where there was a little lunch place. Our boat driver had told us there was a fun path to follow. It was an amazing adventure.

Cruise 2012 059


Cruise 2012 074

We followed the path through the rocks.

Cruise 2012 066

In some places there are wooden stairs and ladders to climb.

Cruise 2012 061

In other spots there are some ropes to hang onto as you climb.

Cruise 2012 065

It is so beautiful, although some one was a little worried about running into a sea monster. 😉

Cruise 2012 069

We had a really fun time exploring. We made it over to the other beach for a little lunch and tree climbing.

Cruise 2012 057

Cruise 2012 054

Our boat picked us up right at the beach again, and it was a fun ride back to the cruise ship.

Cruise 2012 042

Cruise 2012 081

If you ever get a chance to go here, it’s really an incredible place. Look out for Dion, our boat driver, and tell him I say hi!

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