Walking through New Doorways -FULL TIME BLOGGING!

I’ve been blogging here about 2 years, and enjoyed sharing all my projects, parties, and pretties with you. It’s been a wonderful hobby, and definitely enriched stay-at-home mom years. Blogging gave me another community to be part of, and a sense of achievement. I can’t believe that my little girls are both school age -as of today! Paige is turning 8 tomorrow (great party details coming up next week -just sayin’) and Madeline is 5. Paige started grade 3 today, and Maddie began Senior Kindergarten.

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Maddie’s school just started the full-day Kindergarten program this year, so that means she will be at school all-day, every-day. Bitter sweet. Love my girls and all the amazing things they can do as they grow and mature, but can’t believe the preschool days are done. So many times people said to me that those years would go so quickly (and as I type this, I’m actually tearing up) but when you have a new born baby, or a baby and a toddler, or a todler and a preschooler, those days just don’t seem so fast. I can’t believe I’ve been home for 8 years! It really does fly by -especially when it’s over.

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So…a new chapter begins. Over the last year I’ve been anticipating this big change. I am trained as a high school teacher, but the year I graduated from teacher’s college, Ontario got rid of OAC’s (grade 13), so that meant one less year of high school for most students and the same number of teachers, as in really hard to get a job as a new teacher. Since I had a Master’s of Divinity, I found a job at a private Christian school, and had Paige the next year in Sept. and have been a stay-at-home mommy ever since. This past year, while Maddie was at school in the mornings, I upgraded my courses a little, doing a course to teach Primary school, and then working on my Kindergarten specialist with Part I and Part II. I optimistically applied for jobs over the summer. There’s a teacher surplus in Ontario right now, so no teaching job yet.

What to do in the meantime? Over the last few weeks, while back-to-school shopping for the girls, and thinking about September I started seriously considering full-time blogging. There’s pros and cons for sure, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I really gave it my all? As I consider the reasons for and against, the against column is full of fears -fear of failing. I made myself a promise a long time ago to never let fear be the reason I don’t do something. And since the “sensible” choice -teaching, seems to be a closed door right now, it’s time to consider something else.


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So, here beginnings a new journey for me, it’s time to walk through the door that seems to be open.


I was chatting with a friend about whether I should do this or not and she said something that really made me think. She said I might never have a chance like this again in my life where everything lines up to give me this kind of opportunity. I am committing to posting 5 times a week, and building the blog with daily quality content. I’m so excited about the projects, the parties and the fun ahead! So, please check-in daily and we’ll see if I can really do this thing. I’m going for the dream baby! Let’s get this party started!

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  1. Congrats Dannyelle! Looking forward to your future posts! A great blog you have!

  2. I’ve followed your blog since your visit at Kipling’s Salvation Army temple way back…
    Congrats on going full-time with it! Hope to officially ‘subscribe’ to your blog soon!?!

  3. thumbs up… way up!

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