“Amour” Valentine’s Day Light-Up Art

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I’m planning a French inspired Valentine’s Day dinner party for a few couples this year, and thought it might be fun to make a little art work for the mantel. “Amour” means love in French, but this would also be really cute with the word love.

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I started out with a dollar store blank canvas that cost $2 and I painted it with pink craft paint. Then I used a pencil to write the word “amour”, and went over my writing with a white paint pen. I went over it about 4 or 5 times to make it nice and solid, and erased a few little pencil lines that I didn’t cover up.

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Since Paris is the “the city of lights”, I thought it’s be really sweet to add little lights. I had a string of battery powered mini LED lights from Ikea, with 15 lights, so I divided it by my 5 letters, and used 3 lights per letter. You could use any short string of Christmas lights. I used a sharp toothpick to make the holes in the canvas and then poked the lights through the back.

a-Valentine's Day Amour Light-Up Art 013

I secured some of them with a little clear tape, so I could remove easily in the future, if I wanted to use them for something else. You could also hot glue them, but it’s a little more high commitment, and the tape worked fine.

a-Valentine's Day Amour Light-Up Art 057

Hope your day has a little “amour” in it today!

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With light-up Valentine’s Day artwork, life really is a party!

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  1. I love this. So beautiful

  2. how cute, simple and elegant! I love your light up art! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful idea at the Inspiration Gallery!

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