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A day at the beach is always so much fun, but it’s even more fun for kids with a few great activities planned. These activities don’t need too much planning ahead, and I promise your kids will be delighted to add them to the regular fun of swimming and sand castle making.

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We started out with a fun little game of ring toss, that couldn’t be simpler to prep. I brought a few mason jar rings from home, 3 gold and 3 silver, and then used a few sticks we found on the beach.

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Each of my girls took turns to toss their rings. They loved it.

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Our next activity was beach bowling. We used a plastic cup as a mould for our bowling pins.

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We did three, but you could do as many as you like.

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After they were ready, we used an old volleyball to bowl. It was so much fun, and the kids really enjoyed it. My little tip to remember is that you need a ball with a little weight to it, to knock down the heavy stand, a sports ball works great.

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We also played beach tic-tac-toe. I spray painted some sea shells with red and pink before hand, to use as our X’s and O’s.

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We drew a grid in the sand, and started playing. If you didn’t want to break out the spray paint, you could also use light and dark coloured stones, or just draw the X’s and O’x in the sand too.

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Lots of fun for a lazy beach day together.

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Of course the other great activity for our beach day, was swimming.

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A little cold at first.

beach activities 1

Once they were used to the water, they had lots of fun!

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And when they came out of the water, they wrapped up in their new, beautiful personalized beach towels from Stuck On You. They absolutely loved them, they’re so soft, warm and cozy. I love that they have their names on them. No more arguments about whose towel is whose or that someone took someone else’s towel. And, in addition to being so functional, and so well made, they’re also really pretty. On our beach day, we also had a great picnic lunch, which we’ll be sharing all the fun details of soon. Here’s a little sneak peak. 🙂

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With a fun filled day at the beach together, life really is a party!

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