Chocolate Party -The Decorations

chcolate party

Over the weekend we had a Chocolate Party to celebrate my daughter Maddie’s sixth birthday, and I’m so excited to share all the fun details with you. Maddie loves chocolate, so when we started talking themes months ago, chocolate came out the clear winner. The theme set the stage for a simple colour scheme for the party of brown and white.

chocolate party decor 5

I ordered some brown streamers on-line (since I couldn’t find them anywhere) and to dress them up a little, I ruffled them on the sewing machine with some white. I love, love how they turned out. I used a great tutorial I saw here, and I think I’ll be ruffling lots of streamers in the future. 😉 I layered up the streamers with some pom pom yarn and brown ribbon. I love the layered, feminine look. I also ordered a bunch of brown polka dot balloons. on-line.

chcolate party decor 2

We happened to have a cute little Hershey kiss guy that looked pretty cute on the couch.

chcolate party decor 1

I wanted to do some flowers for the party. I picked some pussy willows, and bought some white tulips, but I also wanted to incorporate some chocolate. So, I decided to make some “chocolate flowers”. I used some snack size chocolate bars and smarties and some washi tape.

chocolate party flowrs 1

I just cut a piece of wire for the stem, and used the tape to connect it to the chocolate bar, and wrap the wire. chcolate party flower 2

They were pretty easy to make, and kind of a fun detail.

chcolate party flower 3

chocolate party flowrs 4

Another fun detail, were the chocolate scented candles I found and put in simple glass vases on the table. The room smelt so, so chocolatey!

chcolate party decor 6

I filled another vase with just pussy willows and chocolate flowers, and used them as part of the centre piece on the dessert table. Here’s a sneak peek of the amazing chocolate dessert table, I’ll be sharing more of it soon.

chocolate dessert table 1

Above the dessert table was one of my favourite things, a bouquet of paper lanterns and pom poms hanging down. So pretty, and a great way to add a little feminine charm to a brown and white colour scheme.

chocolate brown lanterns and tissue paper pom poms

Another fun little detail, I picked up some chocolate soap from the body shop for the powder room.


Lots more details to come, including free printables, design-your-own chocolate bar activity, and the amazing dessert table! Hope you enjoyed the decor, with chocolate brown decorations every, life really is a party!

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