Field Trip -Penney and Co.

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A week or so ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Penney and Co, the beautiful home decor and furniture store of Michael Penney. Friends had arranged a special night of shopping, and since I’d been wanting to visit the store since it opened and often read Michael Penney Style, Michael’s blog, it was a great opportunity.

The shop is beautiful, and gives you that “I want to redecorate my whole house feeling”, you know the one.

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This dinning table all dressed up for a lovely dinner was one of my favourites of the night. I loved the ticking placemats and napkins, made a little more modern and not too country, by doing them in black. The floral arrangement was beautiful, I really liked the height -tall enough to not interfere with conversation at the table, since you could see through the beautiful glass vases.

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The candles were a lovely touch too, reminding me that simple elements repeated over and over have an amazing impact, as the candles ran all the down he table, like the vases. I loved the twine too, it gave a nice texture element. Do I feel a little DIY coming on?

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There was another lovely tablescape near the back of the store. More ticking, but this time table runners, and used horizontally, love it, might even need to get some. 😉 I love the hurricanes filled with shells, and the fun pop of colour and pattern in the orange napkins. So pretty.

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I also had a chance to meet Mr. Penney. He was lovely, and so up for giving design advice. Here’s a pic of Michael and my friend Julie, as he gives her a few suggestions on her home decor.

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Tucked in another corner of the store was this cabinet filled with kitchen things, that had a vintage feel.

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I feel for this sweet glass butter dish. I’m totally guilty of just leaving the butter in it’s foil wrapper on the counter. I friend pointed out that this dish would fit a whole lb. of butter without having to cut it or anything. Seemed very do-able to me, and a whole lot cuter than a foil wrapper. It came home to live with me. I love it’s vintage feel, and how practical it is. I could have bought much, much more in the store. It was hard to resist.

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This little shop is definitely on my radar to drop into regularly, such really cute stuff, reasonably priced too, and the friendliest shop owner. With a great store like this near by, life is a party!

Happy Friday friends.

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  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful post! It was great to meet you too and your blog looks like lots of fun! Glad you had fun at Penney & Company and hope to see you there again soon!


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